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Welcome to Cafe Opera and be prepared to enjoy delicious, delicate and delightful Asian cuisines, in an environment designed for comfort against a virtual backdrop decked with enchanting music.

To offer only the best of authentic Asian cuisines is the pledge of Cafe Opera. Each order will tell the long years of expertise behind the chefs and bear witness to our meticulous process of food preparation and cooking. Our thorough understanding and mastery of innovative and traditional culinary art will surely open a new horizon to any gourmet guest such as yourself.

Our tasteful selection of music will blend in perfectly with the good food and wine we serve.

It was never our intention to provide restaurant extravaganza. Situated in a layout telling of the brainchild of a customer-caring interior designer, soothed by the glow of romantic lighting, and seated among sets of neat and sturdy furniture, customers can expect to dine in the peace and pleasure of an environment where there is total harmony.

The menu we offer boasts variety and not volume. While we work hard to satisfy the gourmets, we have no overlooked the specialized demands of vegetarians and children. As you all may be, we too are extremely health conscious, and to provide cuisines conducive to physical health and growth is our guiding principle. With the use of minimum oil, preservatives and additives, we are confident that customers will rediscover the real taste of food in Cafe Opera. it is our mission to ensure that customers will find each and every of their visits to Cafe Opera a most delightful experience.